Why should you hire a professional to help you with your Canada immigration application?

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It’s the same reason you need architects and engineers to design your home, plumbers to install plumbing, and carpenters to build furniture: nothing is ever as simple as it appears. A superficial examination of the immigration process, including the specific eligibility requirements for various Canada immigration programmes, may make it appear simple.  Use the government’s online eligibility assessment tool, gather all of your paperwork, enter the Express Entry pool, wait for an ITA, apply after receiving an ITA, and become a Canadian permanent resident; it’s all so straightforward, right? Unfortunately it’s not !


  • 1st Reality Check: The Correct NOC Code

Immigrants’ lives would have been a lot easier if their job tasks and essential responsibilities were identical to those described in Canada’s National Occupation Classification. Regrettably, this is not the case. This means that a programmer in India or Portugal may have different responsibilities than a programmer in the NOC. So, your work experience is ineligible, and you won’t be able to select the NOC code for programmer on your Express Entry profile? This may appear to be an excellent topic for a theoretical discussion. However, the implications change when your life’s future possibilities are at stake. The correct response can assist you in obtaining a Canadian visa. If you get it wrong, you could end yourself wasting months or even years attempting the unattainable. This is where having a professional who can guide you through the process and explain why you should use a particular NOC code may be really beneficial. And all of this is about one thing: the NOC code. There will be hundreds of various points in your application, each having more than one excellent answer. Can you really put your faith in luck when your life and future are on the line?


  •  2nd Reality Check : Opportunity cost ?

What’s the point of waiting for an Express Entry ITA when a PNP nomination is a foregone conclusion given your command of the French language? Alternatively, why waste time looking for work outside of Canada when you can apply for a PGWP and enter and reside in Canada even if you don’t have a job lined up? How do you value the opportunities you passed up because you chose not to consult with an registered immigration consultant? Or, alternatively, you could wind up squandering years only to find out later that a Canadian degree is your sole feasible immigration option? With the assistance of an Licensed Immigration consultant, you can be confident that you have chosen the best path to come to Canada.


  • 3rd Reality Check : Emergency Plan

Although a pandemic is a rare occurrence, our lives are filled with numerous lesser emergencies and eventualities. Life will not remain static just because you plan to apply for Canada immigration. From getting a Master’s degree to changing job profiles; from a driving under the influence conviction to getting married or divorced; from getting a chance to study in Canada to losing your job—life will not remain static just because you plan to apply for Canada immigration. So, how can you evaluate the impact and ramifications of these possibilities on your immigration chances? And, in the event of a negative turn of events, what should you do to avoid long-term damage to your chances of migrating to Canada? Is losing your job so horrible if you have the necessary work experience and enough settlement funds? These are questions that can only be answered by a true expert.


  • 4th Reality Check : Changing procedures

Six new permanent residence streams will be available for a six-month period. Some streams have quota limits, while others will remain open for the entire six-month period. Three new pilot initiatives have been launched in Quebec, while the Northern and Rural trial is gaining traction. These are merely updates and changes to provincial programmes. As you can see, Canada immigration is always changing and evolving, so the knowledge you have now could be outdated in a week.


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