Top Employers in Quebec – Canada


Quebec is a Canadian province with a diverse economy that includes industries such as aerospace, information technology, tourism, and healthcare. Here are some of the top employers in Quebec:

  • Government of Quebec: The government of Quebec is the province’s largest employer, with jobs available in sectors such as healthcare, education, public services, and administrative roles.
  • Bombardier Aerospace: Bombardier Aerospace is a global aerospace company that designs and manufactures aircraft and is a major employer in Quebec, with jobs available in engineering, production, and administration.
  • Desjardins Group: Desjardins Group is a financial cooperative that provides banking and insurance services across Quebec and is a major employer in the province, with jobs available in customer service, finance, and administration.
  • CGI Group: CGI Group is an information technology and business consulting company and is a major employer in Quebec, with jobs available in software development, project management, and consulting.
  • Hydro-Québec: Hydro-Québec is a provincial electricity provider and provides jobs in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • Bell Canada: Bell Canada is a telecommunications company that provides internet, phone, and TV services across Canada and is a major employer in Quebec, with jobs available in customer service, sales, and technical support.
  • Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM): The CHUM is a major hospital in Montreal and provides jobs in healthcare, including nursing, medicine, and administration.

It’s important to note that the job market in Quebec is constantly evolving, and the economy is expanding into new industries such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and clean technology. As such, the province is actively seeking to attract new businesses and entrepreneurs to the area.

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