US Government to reform H-1B

The H-1B visa category has always been an important program for foreign graduates seeking an occupation in the USA country. The duration period of the H1-B visa is for three years and further can be extended for six years.

Since the new policy change took place on April 1, 2019, an H1-B visa is allotted on the basis of the lottery system. The lottery system clearly favors foreign graduates who hold an advanced degree from US universities. With the launch of the new lottery policy system, the number of applicants for the H1-B visa has risen to a larger extent.

The US government issues 85,000 H-1B visas per year, and, in the year 2018 alone, it received just over 396,000 completed applications.

Due to the new policy, international students with advanced degrees from US higher education institutions are allowed to apply for one of 65,000 available H-1B visas as an initial step. Further, if they are not successful, they are eligible to apply for the remaining 20,000 of the total allotment of 85,000. 

The foreign nationals with a master’s degree have more benefits than the ones holding bachelor’s degrees or non-degree qualifications.

Overall, to sum up, the lottery system for H1-B work visas will be given a greater priority to foreign graduates with a master’s degree. The H1-B applicants are now under tight observation by US immigration officials.


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