Vacancies in Canada’s health-care system have reached an all-time high as a result of the pandemic

health-care workers

Thousands of health-care employees are still needed in Canada, despite increased demand due to COVID-19.In Canada’s health-care and social-assistance sector, job openings have hit an all-time high. According to Statistics Canada, there were 100,300 empty posts in these industries by the end of 2020. Health-care labour shortages have been a long-standing problem that has only been aggravated by the outbreak.

As the bulk of Canada’s workforce retires, it may become more difficult to fill gaps in the future decades. Without significant levels of immigration to maintain population expansion, the working-age population may be forced to contribute more of their time and money to support elder generations. More elderly will necessitate the hiring of more health-care employees.

Nearly a quarter of the workforce is made up of first-generation immigrants. Newcomers who want to work in the health-care sector in Canada must, unfortunately, overcome restrictions connected to credential recognition. Many immigrants who work in nursing or health-care support occupations did not intend to work in the sector when they arrived in Canada. After struggling to find work, a huge number of immigrants in nursing and health-care support occupations migrated to these fields. They would usually return to school. They would have an easier time integrating into the field after completing their studies because their Canadian qualifications were suddenly recognised.

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