Virtual Networking for Newcomers to Canada

Professional Networking

Professional networking is regarded as a powerful method for discovering new prospects and can help you land a job. People have changed the way they communicate professionally as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital networking is one of these methods. And after the pandemic is over, this idea will become commonplace. It’s difficult enough to develop a professional network as a newcomer in Canada, but attempting to communicate with employers virtually can be even more difficult. Barriers, on the other hand, are intended to be demolished, and they do not prevent you from achieving your job search objectives. Here are a few examples of how you should get started:


  • It makes a difference to plan ahead.

Begin by making a roadmap for your personal and career objectives. Make a list of short- and long-term objectives that you want to accomplish. Once you’ve completed this, consider what you’ll need to do to achieve your objectives. This will allow you time to sit down and collect your thoughts before you arrive in Canada. 


  • Make a strategic network.

Make a list of people with whom you want to communicate. It’s fantastic if you have family or friends in Canada. Make contacting them a high priority. Inform them of your plans to relocate to Canada, as this could be an opportunity to reconnect. Your approach should be relaxed because you already have a friendship with them. Former colleagues, classmates, or co-alumni from your home country may also be contacted. They would have a lot of useful knowledge and observations from their settlement experience. But what if you don’t have any networks? Don’t worry; newcomers always network outside their immediate circle. Look for people with the expertise, roles, and professional backgrounds that you’re interested in learning more about. It is acceptable to reach out to strangers because networking is part of the Canadian work culture. Do not be afraid to speak up. You’ll be shocked by how happy people are to communicate with you and assist you. This will be difficult at first, but once you reach your target, it will be satisfying.


  • Make a digital professional portfolio or develop the current one.

LinkedIn is the biggest digital forum for connecting with professionals. Since this is your online resume, you want to make a strong first impression! Make it significant but not excessively long. One thing to remember is that you should always have relevant content to please prospective employers. “Where do I begin?” you may be thinking. It’s a good idea to look at the profiles of people you admire or who have a similar career path to you for inspiration before developing or updating your LinkedIn profile. Instead of copying their design or format, take inspiration from it to help you develop and construct your own. Always keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile isn’t static. You can adjust and update it on a regular basis, enabling you to reinvent yourself at each stage of your job quest.


  • Participate in online networking events.

There is so much free content available on the internet that it can be overwhelming at times. However, make every effort to limit your search to businesses and organisations that offer webinars (live online information sessions) for newcomers to Canada. Of course, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to these options, but if you want to begin your digital networking in a “safe room” with other immigrants, you’ll want to be there as well. These sessions are interactive, and the best part is that you will get immediate answers to your questions! You can also attend virtual job fairs. Employers meet with prospective candidates online in this environment. Companies, trade or technical societies, and arbitration agencies arrange these fairs. You will meet hiring managers or HR practitioners at these events, who will consider you for the job and determine your fit for the position on the spot. This is also an opportunity to get input on your credentials and what additional work you will need to obtain your desired role. Remember to make an impression on potential employers and make new contacts on the spot!

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