Ways to Get Accounting and Finance Jobs in Canada

Employment opportunities in accounting and financing streams are multiple across Canada. In recent years, several industries have contributed to employment growth; accounting & financing is one of them.

The financing sector has been playing a crucial role in the country’s economic growth, getting hold of over 831,000 jobs and 7.1 percent of GDP in the country.

One can get an immense opportunity in accounting and finance sector across Canada. However, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the country’s major cities to offer jobs in the finance profile. Among them, Toronto is the second-largest city with a large number of FinTech industry setup. More than 408,000 jobs in Toronto exist in the financial stream, making the sector second largest employer in Toronto. 

In such opportunistic cities, both beginners and professionals seeking a job in the accounting and finance sector have lucrative career options. Although, if you are a beginner, it’s better to make yourself well prepared for the job before you apply, as accounting and finance are the most competitive jobs in the country.

Moreover, the financial and accounting sector in Canada is regulated due to which you may require to have your qualifications and credentials assessed to get acceptance in the country’s corporate zone.

In addition to the employment opportunities, below are some essentials you should know while you apply for jobs in the finance and accounting sector as a beginner:

Ensure you are Eligible to Work in Canada

There are multiple choices for foreign nationals hoping to settle and work in Canada. Express Entry is one of the options which allow you settle in the country as a permanent resident alongside enjoying the various amenities offered to immigrants.

Getting a visa to settle and work in Canada is quite easy as compared to other countries. So, once you obtain the visa successfully, you will be confident enough to focus on your resume preparation to get the desired opportunity. Make sure you mention all the achievements in your document with the strategies you have executed for the previous company’s growth.

Locate where the Finance Sector is in Rise

If you have planned to move in your career in the Accounts & Finance stream, Toronto should be your prior choice to find employment. It is no surprise that Toronto is Canada’s financial capital and is the second-largest financial center in North America. The city drives economic growth and possesses a highly competitive business environment.  

According to the reports, Toronto is the leading city in North America in the sector of Fintech and has been a technology-centric hub with an increase of 80,000 new jobs in the past few years.  

Moreover, the headquarters of Big Five Canadian banks are based in Toronto which holds the rank in the world’s top 40 banking institutions. This shows that one can expect a career-driven future in Toronto in the accounts and finance with plenty of opportunities and competitive wages. 

Find a Source

Once you land in a foreign country, finding the right source is an important factor when you start searching for a job opportunity. 

When looking for jobs, exploring the internet is a common step to initiate. In addition, some of the popular sources you can search for jobs in Toronto are – Workopolis, Career builder, Toronto jobs, Eluta, Hot jobs in Canada, Canada’s top 100, Linked in, Indeed. 

Apart from, strengthening your network is another advantageous way to bring opportunity. For the networking, associating with the professionals through online mediums and attending events can get you to connect with many people.

Increasing a professional network can be a challenging task for you as a beginner. It’s important to increase your network strategically. Meeting with the right people and objectives on your mind will pave the way for your networking efforts.

So, if you intend to pursue a job in the accounting and finance sector, Canada is the best location to drive your career. Above are some ways that may help you in getting a job opportunity in Canada.

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