On December 1, 2018, WES made a cracking announcement stating they will not accept education documents coming from third party agents, colleges, applicants themselves, or any other source. The authorities have brought into light a change in process and announced that they will accept the documents in sealed envelopes directly sent by the institutions.

To sum it up, students and immigrants who desire to verify their education documents require requesting the university directly to send the sealed documents to the WES office. Instead of waiting for a new development or stalling for a change in rules again, it is advisable for individual to contact their respective university and get things done immediately.

This change was brought into consideration on account of various fraudulent incidents happening during document submission. Thus, to keep the process fraud-free and authentic for all the people, WES has introduced the new change. This change is effective from December 1, 2018, applicants from India who has submitted documents from then on will have to adhere the changes and request the university to send the documents hereon.


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