Why Canada Student Visas are rejected? Here are the top 4 reasons!

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The number of study visa applications to Canada has been increasing year-over-year. Furthermore, with no express entry draws, more people are now interested in coming to Canada as international students. With an increase in student interest, some factors may result in a study visa refusal. Here are some of those factors


  • No connection between the program you chose and your prior studies 

If the program you applied for has no connection with your prior studies or professional experience, your application may be rejected. Therefore, details on how pursuing this program will help you succeed in your home country must be explained. In addition, it would help if you could explain why you need to study in Canada when you have access to local, considerably affordable programs in your home country. Furthermore, some rookie consultants may suggest that you have one subject relevant to a course. So, a particular course they are suggesting is relevant. However, this might not be the case.


  • Insufficient funds to support Canadian Education

It is important to show that you have enough funds to support your study. Also, it should cover the expenses if any family member is accompanying you. If your parents support you, you should get an affidavit and notarized deed to prove their support. It is important to show that the large amount of money came from your parents and that you are not in debt. Additionally, make a budget for managing your finances. In general, IRCC wants to make sure that you have enough money to pay for your tuition and daily living expenses while studying in Canada. Also, these funds should be legitimate.


  • Scores low in language

Language proficiency is always a deciding factor. Low proficiency in either English or French makes it hard to prove you can handle your Canadian studies. Moreover, it would reflect that you will not be able to pass your Canadian courses. Also, it will be difficult to explain your intention to continue your studies. Therefore, a nice score would be an overall bands of 6-7 in IELTS based on your last education level. After 12th standard, 6 each works for SDS, but if you wish to study in Canada after graduation or pursue a master’s degree in your country, then you may even need more than 7 bands total.


  • Visa refusals in the past

A previous refusal of a study permit makes it difficult for the immigration authorities to believe you have any genuine intentions to study in Canada. Because you submitted a weak application earlier, it may reduce your chances. If you address the previous refusal satisfactorily, you may receive a study visa in the second attempt.


More factors include any previous visa or permit refusal to Canada or any other country. Be sure to disclose any refusals you might have received. Failing to do so is considered misrepresentation. The penalty for misrepresentation is a five-year ban from entering Canada. It is therefore important to disclose all prior visa refusals.

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