Why is the Canada Start up Program most popular among Immigrants ?

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The popularity of the Canada Start-up Visa is due to a number of factors. The Canada Start-Up Visa stands out among the many countries that offer start-up visas as a method to become a permanent resident of the country. Canada, as a country, provides everything that a perfect existence requires: superb healthcare infrastructure, excellent educational institutions, a superior work culture, and a thriving economy for company start-ups. Furthermore, it provides immigrants with a calm and stable life, therefore the desire to relocate to Canada is justified.


  • Canada is a welcoming country for newcomers.

Canada, which is heavily reliant on immigration for its growth and development, is frequently flexible and accommodating to qualified foreigners. As a result, as compared to other nations, the chances of acquiring an Entrepreneur Visa Canada are better.


  • Minimum Prerequisites

There are no investment or net-worth limitations, and language proficiency is required. The start-up must be innovative and competitive enough to receive a letter of support from a designated Canadian entity. Aside from that, the person moving should have the finances to support themselves in Canada.


  • Streamlined Methodology and process

In terms of how to run immigration programmes, Canada sets the standard for the rest of the world. It provides a level playing field for applicants, who are chosen on the basis of merit and without corruption. The Canadian Government explains the process, eligibility criteria, and fees in detail for ease of understanding and openness. In addition, the processing time for a start-up visa in Canada is 12 to 18 months.


  • Permanent Residency with Family

The Start-Up Visa Program Canada’s most significant and outright benefit is that it provides permanent residency to the applicant and family members (if accompanying the primary applicant) as well as the visa. Furthermore, if certain circumstances are met, PR holders may be eligible to become Canadian citizens in the future.

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