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The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) launched the Express Entry as a new selection system of Skilled Immigrants wanting to settle in Canada with the objective of expediting the visa processing as well as giving priority to qualified applicants. Designed to collate the applicant with the federal government, provincial governments as well as the Canadian Employers, this new Express Entry system is entirely an electronic process saving a lot of resources and paper work. This system is unique in many ways and has brought a big change to way in which the Canadian government selects skilled migrants.

The Express Entry selects immigrants based on their ability to succeed economically in Canada. It measures applicants using a point based system or a selection grid of a hundred points of which the score of 67 is a basic requirement. Apart from this point based system, there is a parallel Comprehensive Ranking System of 1200 points which measures the ranking of the applicant in the Express Entry pool, against the other applicants. Applicants are awarded points on the basis of official language ability, age, education, work experience, employment already arranged in Canada, and adaptability (prior work experience or education in Canada). Additional points can be gained, if you earn sponsorship from a willing Canadian state or obtain a full time job offer from a Canadian employer. Only those who receive the offer are allowed to apply. The system allows you to submit your profile once it establishes your eligibility. It will then process your application based on the requirements of different regions in Canada and thereby allows you to apply through different immigration schemes:

Federal Skilled Workers program

Federal Skilled Trades program

Canadian Experience Class program

Business Class program

Provincial Nominee program

Based on your rankings, CIC conducts draws at a regular interval, issuing an Invitation to Apply for a permanent residency to applicants with a high CRS score. With every draw they declare the cut off point, which is the lowest accepted CRS point accepted in that particular draw. Once you receive invitation to apply, you need to fill second set of application, get all the documents required, pay your fees and submit your complete application within 60 days from the date of issue of invitation to apply. Always provide genuine information, if you are found not truthful in your Express Entry profile then your application could be refused or you could be barred from applying to come to Canada for a given duration of time. Generally most of the applications under express entry program are processed within six months or less. The application status can be checked at regularly through the MyCIC account. If your application is approved, then you will be issued a Confirmation of Permanent Residence alongwith a visa. Make sure that when you arrive in Canada, you should have your valid passport and travel documents with you.

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