IELTS Training

Language proficiency is an integral part of immigration as you are moving to a completely new place and environment where communication is the most important part to get to know about the locality. English is an international language and you are required to prove your language proficiency in order to migrate to English-speaking countries, be it for education purposes or permanent residence.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most trusted mediums to prove your language proficiency.  Taking the test and scoring at par will allow you to receive the visa of the respective country. Scoring high in the test can increase your chances of qualifying for permanent residency status in Canada.

At Winny Immigration, we are committed to providing IELTS training on the basis of which you can achieve the targeted score and increase your chances of receiving a PR status in the ideal country of your choice.

With a highly specialized IELTS training curriculum, our certified IELTS training coach aims to make students qualify for the IELTS test. We provide coaching to the individuals who wish to study or migrate.


Winny provides the following facilities IELTS Coaching Service:

We will soon be providing Computer Delivered (CD) IELTS for practice and learning.


Additional facilities in IELTS Coaching:

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