Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is a province in eastern Canada and it is the most populous of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces and four Atlantic provinces. It is the country’s second-most densely populated province and second-smallest province by area, both after neighboring Prince Edward Island.


Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program:

Through the Nova Scotia PNP, prospective immigrants who have the skills and experience targeted by the province may be nominated for immigration. Candidates, who receive a Nova Scotia Nomination certificate, may have their application fast-tracked, speeding up the immigration process.

The Nova Scotia PNP  receives immigration applications under the following:

The stream was created to help the province deal with its shortage of skilled and experienced medical practitioners.


Assistance by Winny Immigration:

With an understanding of the Canadian Immigration procedure for nearly four decades, Winny Immigration would be able to provide profound guidance in the candidate’s Nova Scotia PNP application by:

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