Intra-Company Transfer Program

The Intra – Company Transfer program has been designed for companies interested in expanding their international businesses to Canada. This work permit is designed to facilitate the transfer of employees from any company in the world to its related parent, a subsidiary, a branch, or an affiliate of that enterprise in Canada.

The purpose of this type of visa is to encourage the transmission of knowledge and skills from foreign employees to Canada. This program has proven to be extremely popular in companies from IT, Manufacturing, and Import Export industries. Companies seeking expansion in North America can even benefit from this program, as once a Canadian company is set up, it will be allowed to enter the USA market through NAFTA.

Employers sending their staff to Canada under the Intra-company transfer program are exempted from the requirement of obtaining a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). For this reason, the process can be quicker, simpler, and cost-effective.


Intra-Company Transfer Categories:

To be eligible to work in Canada under the Intra-Company Transfer program, employees must fall into one of the below-mentioned categories:

  1. Executives – who run the management of the enterprise and receive only general supervision from higher-level executives.
  2. Senior managers – who manage all or part of the enterprise and supervise the work of other managers or executives.
  3. Employees with specialized knowledge –  who can demonstrate specialized knowledge of the enterprise’s product or service, or an advanced level of expertise in the enterprise’s processes and procedures.

In all three categories, employees being transferred to Canada must have at least one year of work experience with the existing enterprise and should be coming to Canada to perform comparable work. There must be a qualifying relationship between the employer and employee to get a work permit under the Intra – company transfer.


Duration of Work Permit:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stipulate that the work permits granted under the Intra -Company Transfer program are generally for a duration of one year which can be renewed if the following criteria get satisfied:


Assistance By Winny Immigration:

Winny Immigration with experience of more than 40 years in immigration, works hand in hand with the enterprises that wish to apply for Canada work permit visa via Intra – company transfer program for their employees. A thorough outline preparation of the applicant’s position and evidence of knowledge in the present enterprise is assisted by Winny Immigration for Intra-Company transfer.

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