Post Visa Services

Post Visa Services

Winny is committed to providing you with the best services since the beginning. Our expert professionals are there to not only assist you during your process but also post visa services.

Most people believe that the toughest part of visa processing is until the approval is attained. However, in our experience, the most crucial part follows after the approval. Once you are aware that you shall be moving to a new country with your family, you are all excited to start a new life. After you receive the visa, you are all set and packed to move to a new country. But there are so many things you must be worried or you have to take care of the things and not knowing how and where to begin preparing for this shift in your life. The things you may be worried about include the immigration process at the airport, the documents you need to carry on your immigration, getting the documentation done after landing, arranging the accommodation, getting the transportation and so on.

We understand that relocation can be taxing to you and your family, including your children on several levels – you may prepare yourself for your financial and physical security, but for a smooth transition, you must be prepared holistically. But you do not have to worry about that as long as you are receiving services from Winny.

Once the approval is received, we assist you in giving a Post Visa briefing which enables you and your family to understand everything from scratch. We provide you with the detailed information on how you should arrange your documents during immigration, and which documents you should be carrying with you on an airport to complete formalities and how you should face the immigration officers after landing. We also provide you, in case it is needed, the contacts where you can arrange transportation after you land that can take you to your destination. In addition to that, we provide you with the contacts to find temporary or permanent accommodation as per your requirements on the request. As Winny provides the contact, you may contact the respective person yourself and get the required services by paying charges to those service providers directly.

In addition to this, we provide you with a toll-free number where you can contact us in case of query or concerns and we will resolve the same at the earliest. Winny is not only there to support you during your application, but also there to assist you for post visa services to help you out in taking the first step in building your future.

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