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A visitor visa can have different purposes; a medical treatment, for business or even for leisure or meeting a family member. The purpose of this visit needs to be made very clear in front of the visa officer to get approval on the application. The individual also needs to show intentions of returning to the country of origin once the purpose of the visit is completed. The visitor visa has a strict deadline and the applicant also have to mention exactly the time they will be spending in the country.

Depending upon the country an individual wishes to visit, the duration of the visa changes.Visa duration is also dependent on the application and the nature of the visit. The regulations of the country regarding this visa need to be carefully acknowledged and adhered to if one wants their application to be processed smoothly.

General Highlights:

Australia Visitor Visa:

Australian Visitor Visa (Sub Class 600) allows traveling on a visitor visa on the purpose of general Visit, Business or visiting family members. The stay can be for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The processing time is approximately 20 days from the date of submission of application.

USA Visitor Visa:

B-1, B-2 Visa allows visitors to travel to the United States of America. Generally, B-1 is for business purposes whereas, B-2 is for a holiday or a medical trip to the USA. Approximate processing time is 30 days from the date of submission of application.

UK Visitor Visa:

UK visitor visa is for the candidates who want to visit the United Kingdom for a vacation, meeting a family member, business purpose or medical purpose. To get the visa approval, an individual needs to:


New Zealand Visitor Visa:

Visitor Visa of New Zealand allows one to visit the country to meet family and friends, for tourism or adventurous activity or to study for not more than 3 months.

For visa approval the applicant might need to show the proof of identity, good health condition, good character and conduct certificate and demonstrate the sufficiency of funds.


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