About Us

Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd. (popularly known as Winny) is an immigration services provider based in western India. Licensed to provide immigration advice under College of Immigration and Citizenship consultants of Canada (CICC), Winny has been providing solutions since 1982. Trust, strong work ethics, professionalism, and commitment are the main pillars of our organization.

With our trained team of over 290+ professionals and strategic global network, we have successfully assisted thousands of individuals in realizing their dreams of working and settling abroad. With 7 branch offices in Gujarat, 4 in Maharashtra and 1 corporate office based in Toronto; we aim to reach out to the optimal number of clients for their immigration needs.

Over the past 41 years, Winny has emerged as an image of reliability and class in the immigration industry. We are humbled to witness the difference in the lives of over 6 million clients whom we have assisted across the world through our work. With a team that is focused on persistent evolution and organic growth; Winny strives to expand its locations so that an increasing number of individuals can acquire accurate guidance for their immigration needs.

Over 78% of our clients are through word-of-mouth. No other company understands immigration and overseas careers like we do. We offer flexible payment options to suit the client’s budgets. Being a market leader is not a privilege but a responsibility. A responsibility to live up to the expectations of our clients and employees and to improve ourselves continuously so that we can provide more value for their time and money. As a corporation, we have evolved beyond the pursuit of profit. What we are looking to create is a Global immigration brand, an institute that stands the test of time and an industry platform for all the players to interact.

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