Case Development

Winny ensures the best services along with the easy and comfortable process to attain visa and PR for you. To proceed in the best way, we first develop your case based on the requirements of the program of your choice and your immigration package with Winny.

Our expert case officers discuss your details in the first meeting and take notes of important points. They provide you with the customized checklist of documents as per the requirements so that you can gather your documents. In case of any query and concerns, they provide you with the right guidance. Once you submit the document, they are continuously in touch with you while your profile is under process.

For the application and process, you are required to present documents illustrating your qualifications and professional competency, financial and social reliability, proof of your family ties, if any – we provide personal attention and support to you to assist you through the entire process. Your case officer will remain in constant touch with you to ensure your case is built after assessing the strengths and weakness of your and your spouse’s profile.

It is our prime duty to ensure that your virtues are highlighted in the best manner possible before the visa officer. We ensure to illustrate effective steps for you to improve upon your profile before applying for a PR. Our advice shall be drawn based on years of learning immigration and qualification patterns. We shall only advice you on the parameters that you are capable of improving.

The best way to proceed further with your immigration visa application is to start with a consultant that provides transparent eligibility assessment. Winny’s assessment process is streamlined in various layers of checks from various in-house immigration service departments that work to make sure the immigration program you are planning to apply for justifies your profile correctly in the best possible scenario.

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