Spouse Open Work Permit

Spouse Or Common – law Partner’s Open Work Permit

Any individual holding a temporary resident visa in Canada can sponsor his / her spouse to work in Canada. This program allows spouses and common-law partners to work in Canada. An open work permit does not list a specific employer so it allows the holder to work full-time in almost any occupation in any location in Canada. An offer of employment is not required in order to apply for this type of work permit.


If the Spouse or Common-Law Partner is currently residing outside of Canada:

If the Spouse or Common-Law Partner is currently residing in Canada:

If the spouse/partner has valid status as a visitor in Canada, they can apply for an open work permit online or by paper through the IRCC office in Canada. If the application is approved, an open work permit will be issued and the spouse/partner can begin working.


Assistance By Winny Immigration:

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