Visa Documentation

Visa Documentation

When you are applying for a visa, appropriate visa documentation is essential as your profile is judged on the basis of the documented proofs you provide. Well prepared and filed documents present your case in the best way which helps the visa officers to convince that you are a genuine applicant who wishes to migrate for better opportunities and you will respect the rules and regulation of the country.

Our case officer will collect the required documents, assess them and ensure that they are as per the guidelines of the visa authority. In case of query, they will contact you and ask you to collect the right documents within the stipulated time limit so that your application can be submitted before the given deadline.

You will require clear documentation. Your passport becomes the most important document. Make sure your passport is at least six months valid before you plan to travel. If your passport is about to expire, there are minimum chances of getting a visa. Each country requires its own documentation processing, which can be a tedious and cumbersome process. In addition, when you try to do this yourself, the chances of making errors increases dramatically.

We take utmost care is taken to make sure your document is perfect and up to the mark. We are completely transparent about our process. From expressing the requirements to arranging the complete documentation in a way that can skilfully highlight the qualities of your profile in front of the visa officer, we are committed to preparing your file as per the expectation of the embassy. Once your documentation is complete, you can make an application with the concerned country’s embassy and apply for a visa.

Once your application is submitted, it usually takes up to six months before the embassy completely assesses your profile and given a final decision on the visa. Seeing the current conditions, the slower process due to reduced staff, it may take up to 8 to 9 months. As per the Canadian process, even if the visa officers are not satisfied with your documentation for a permanent resident, they may ask you to submit the additional documents to resolve their query. Our case officers and experts help you out in sorting the issue out to get the best chances to secure your visa.

Winny is committed to the best service and we ensure you beginning to end support for your visa and assist you in building your dream future.


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