Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa)-Australia

Australia has been consistently a famous destination for people who want to or are willing to relocate to another Country. Australia has ideal factors such as a flourishing economy which implies more work opportunities. Australia guarantees not only superior personal satisfaction in terms of lifestyle and work, but it also has a harmonious and amicable multicultural society.


Subclass 189 Overview:

Subclass 189 Visa is the most searched visa by outsiders who are aspiring to migrate to Australia. This program was designed for fulfilling the developing need for talented specialists.

The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa replaced both the Subclass 175 visa and the Subclass 885 visa in 2012-2013.

This stream is based on a point grid system and caters to skilled workers who are not supported by a business or relative or named by a state or territory government. It permits a person to live and work in Australia on the basis of permanent residency. Those foreign nationals who hold occupations on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) can become eligible for Subclass 189.

Benefits of Skilled independent work visa (Subclass 189)


Eligibility Criteria:

The Australia Immigration Authority follows a 100 point-based system wherein an individual must have a minimum score of 65 points depending upon Age, Education, Work experience, Language ability, and other adaptability factors. Moreover, only those individuals who are able to fulfill the point grid criteria and have a valid occupation in demand code in SOL can apply for immigration to Australia.

The candidate must meet the following requirements in order to apply:

Irrespective of the candidate’s eligibility and meeting the requirement, the authority does not give any assurance of issuing an Invitation to Apply (ITA).


Application Process:

Upon meeting the desired requirements, the applicant must submit an expression of interest (EOI). The expression of Interest (EOI) process is an online application that contains various questions related to the candidate’s background, education, and work profile.

The following are the general instructions for a  standard process flow:


Assistance by Winny Immigration: 

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