Northwest Territories Business

Northwest Territories Business Stream

The Northwest Territories Business Stream is for the entrepreneurs with business expertise and investment capital, who wish to purchase an existing business or start a new business in the region. The Northwest Territories Business Stream welcomes business people with the resources and drives to establish, buy, or invest in a business in the Northwest Territories. Through this program, the local government welcomes ideas for business that will bring economic prosperity and job opportunities to the area. In turn, supports applicants throughout the process of establishing a business in the territory and eventually applying for Canadian permanent resident status.


Eligibility Requirements:

For an entrepreneur interested in starting the business in Northwest Territories, the candidate must :


Application Process:

Upon meeting the eligibility requirements, the following is the standard application process that needs to be followed:


Assistance by Winny Immigration:

Winny Immigration can help Business Investors to identify suitable businesses through an already established network of licensed business brokers in Canada. Once a suitable business is identified and purchased, our team of licensed immigration consultants and lawyers completes the required immigration formalities to get a work permit and later on PR through Northwest territories Business Stream.

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