Skilled Work Regional Visa


The famous skilled regional visa (Sub-class 489) has been replaced by a Sub-class 491 visa on 16th November 2019. Australian Government is pushing and encouraging people to live, work, or study in regional areas to develop the economy of these areas through skilled regional visa sub-class 491.

Professionals who want to build their careers and settle with their families in a regional area of Australia can choose to apply under skilled work regional visa (Provisional). The regional visa allows skilled workers and their families to study or work, and live in a regional area of Australia for 5 years.

Skilled Regional Visa is a temporary visa and Visa holders can apply for a Permanent Residency after 3 years through the pathway program. Once an individual gets a regional visa, he or she will not be allowed to apply for any other skilled visa in Australia for at least 3 years. Visa holders must complete at least 3 years in the designated regional area.


Sub-Class 491 Overview and Benefits:

Once the candidate gets a 491 visa and has worked or studied for 3 years in that regional area with an income of 35,900 AUD annually in any occupation, then the candidate can apply for a Permanent residency visa through Pathway.



Eligibility Criteria:

From the 100 point grid, the applicant must secure 65 points based on age, qualification, work history, English proficiency, adaptability, and an additional 15 points from state or territory. To be eligible, the candidate:


Application Process:

Upon meeting the desired requirements, the candidate must submit an expression of interest. Expression of Interest (EOI) process is an online application that contains a number of questions related to the applicant’s background, education, and work profile.

Following is the standard process-flow for application under sub-class 491:


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