How We Help

Over the past decades , Winny has emerged as an image of reliability and class in immigration services. We are humbled to see the difference in the lives of over 6 million clients that we have assisted across the world through our work. With a definite motto of solution orientation, we are proud to have 78% of the clients only through word of mouth and references because of our expert guidance and dedicated services. Our range of services includes –


In-depth profile assessment:

Identifying the right pathway of applying to permanent residency, temporary visa, and Business immigration can be a daunting process if you are unaware of the eligibility prerequisite, requirements, and/or processes of that particular program.

Our team of professionals is trained to assess your profile and identify the most suitable program to reach your destination and build your career. On the basis of this insightful assessment, we are able to either take your case onboard and provide you with useful guidance, or regrettably inform you of your ineligibility and advise you not to proceed further. In case you are eligible, but your profile needs more strengthening in order to compete against the other applicants, we shall ensure we illustrate effective steps for you to improve upon your profile before making an immigration application. Our advice shall be drawn based on years of learning immigration and qualification patterns. We shall only advice you on the parameters that you are capable of improving.

The best way to proceed further with your immigration application is to start with a consultant that provides transparent eligibility assessment. Winny’s assessment process is streamlined by at least 3 layers of checks from various in-house immigration service departments that work towards making sure the immigration program you apply for justifies your profile correctly in the best possible scenario.


Extensive Language training:

Language proficiency is an integral part of immigrating to a new country. Apart from proving that you possess a high sort after skill in that particular country, proving that you are proficient in English, their language, is equally important. Displaying higher English language proficiency can dramatically increase your chances of qualifying for permanent residency status. Here at Winny, we are committed to providing IELTS training so that you can score higher and increase your chances of receiving a permanent residency status from the ideal country of your choice.

Winny is focused on assisting you in overcoming this hurdle without difficulties. From basics to advanced English training, clients at our training institute are able to learn in a fun, interactive, and methodical way. The language training provided to clients here, not only helps them score good score, but also interact with international and national residents once they initiate their life in their dream country.

With a highly specialized IELTS training curriculum aimed at simplifying the test; that is taught by competent and nationally qualified faculties; You can make use of our extended library and in-house developed study material that is exclusive to our clients. Studying with exclusive IELTS study material has enabled several students to perform well in exams and at the same time brush up their English proficiency to easily interact in English in their daily lives.


Case Development:

After conducting an in-depth profile assessment as well as identification of the fastest and the best-suited pathway for you to immigrate, we understand your holistic profile and consult with you on building your immigration case. Since you are required to present documents illustrating your qualifications and professional competency, financial and social reliability, proof of your family ties – we provide our undivided attention and support to you to assist you through the entire process. Your case officer will remain in constant touch with you to ensure your case is built after assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your and your family’s profile. It is our prime duty to ensure that your virtues are highlighted in the best manner possible before the visa officer.

Please note that as licensed consultants, we have the right to deny taking any case on board, that is ineligible, has been contorted, has defied any national or international laws, and/or has been denied approval in the past. We believe in investing our time only in cases that seek our genuine assistance and that qualify for migration. We request all our clients to share their case details with us in the most truthful manner possible so that we are in a better position to assist them to attain their life goals.


Visa Documentation:

When you are planning to immigrate or travel to a new country, correct visa documentation is an essential requirement. Wrong documentation can not only create problems with your current application but also hinder your visa applications in the future.

Here at Winny, utmost care is taken to make sure your document is perfect and up to the mark. We are completely transparent about our process. From expressing the requirements to arranging the complete documentation in a way that can skillfully highlight the qualities of your profile in front of the visa officer, we are committed to making your documentation just right.

Thanks to the positive changes in technology, we can help you complete the documentation process quickly. The complete process of documentation for the visa services we provide takes less than a month. Once your documentation is complete, you can make an application with the concerned country’s embassy and apply for a visa.


Post visa services:

Most people believe that the toughest part of visa processing is until the approval is attained. However, in our experience, the most crucial part follows after the approval. Once you are aware that you shall be moving to a new land with your family and not knowing how and where to begin preparing for this shift in your life. We understand that relocation can be taxing to you and your family, including your children on several levels – you may prepare yourself for your financial and physical security, but for a smooth transition, you must be prepared holistically.

Once the approval is received, we assist you in giving a Post Visa briefing which enables you and your spouse to anticipate the opportunities and challenges and assimilate to the new culture accordingly. You shall be briefed and shall receive resources for accessing jobs, long-term and short-term housing options, single accommodation assistance, information on educational institutions, and a settlement plan. After you receive your visas to immigrate you will receive a permanent helpline number you will be able to call anytime to reach out to us.


Job search assistance:

With a majority of working professionals immigrating abroad, we thought it was imperative to assist our clients through our exceptional job search assistance. Our profile assessment experts study your academic education, your work history, and your resume. A dedicated team of designers and content writers recreate your resume to meet the international standards in your particular domain. Another team conducts rigorous research regarding the job availability for your profile on your behalf in your destination country to assist you in finding a professional job in your desired stream.

After rigorous research, your resume is then submitted to a national job portal and multiple job openings are sent through to you so that you may review them and apply for jobs in accordance.

This service is exclusive to our clients. Under the most favorable circumstances, employers shall contact you, schedule an interview and release an employment letter before you land at your destination country. WINNY’s Job Search Assistance is just one of the many useful services we provide to our clients.

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