Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

Nova Scotia (NS), in recent times, has become a favourite destination to do business. With an abundance of natural resources, quality workforce, cheap and reliable transportation, advanced research and innovation, and good infrastructure, it’s easy to explore business opportunity in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur stream is a business program where Nova Scotia Government provincial government nominates prospective immigrants who want to invest in a new business or want to purchase an existing business in Nova Scotia. The government invites individuals who are eligible by fulfilling all eligibility requirements and have registered under the program to apply, after which a two-year work permit is issued to eligible applicants to execute the business as planned. Successful candidates receive a nomination under the PNP and are allowed to apply for permanent resident status along with their dependents.


Eligibility Criteria:

The Nova Scotia Government selects and nominates potential immigrants for permanent residence based on their ability to contribute to the economy in Nova Scotia. An applicant must meet the following requirements in order to apply for this program:


Application Process:

Once the candidate meets the eligibility criteria, the following is the standard process in order to move ahead with the application in Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream:


Assistance by Winny Immigration:

With an experience of guiding more than 30,00,000 applicants, Winny Immigration will provide aid to the applicants at every step of application for Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream with respect to the guidelines from the province government and  IRCC.


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