BC PNP Draw Invites 222 immigration candidates

British Columbia BC Tech Pilot Draw PNP British Columbia’s PNP draw
  • September 7, 2023

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) held a draw on September 6, 2023, issuing 222 invitations to apply for permanent residency (PR). The draw included a general draw for all eligible candidates, as well as targeted draws for Early Childhood Educators and Healthcare workers.


  • General Draw: 160 Invitations Extended

The general draw was the primary highlight of this event, where a substantial 160 invitations were extended to eligible candidates. This draw was inclusive, encompassingg candidates from all BC PNP Skills Immigration streams as well as Express Entry streams. Notably, it embraced individuals with expertise in 35 different tech occupations, reflecting the province’s commitment to attracting skilled workers in high-demand fields.


Targeted Draws: Tailored Opportunities

Beyond the general draw, the BC PNP also conducted targeted draws, providing specialized avenues for candidates with specific qualifications and backgrounds.


  • Early Childhood Educators: 43 Invitations

One of these targeted draws was aimed at candidates with experience as Early Childhood Educators and Assistants (NOC 42202). A total of 43 invitations were allocated for individuals in this category. To be eligible, candidates were required to have a Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma in early childhood education or equivalent international qualifications. Additionally, they needed a minimum of one year of full-time work experience in early childhood education within the past five years.


  • Healthcare Professionals: 19 Invitations

The BC PNP also extended 19 invitations to candidates in 39 healthcare-related occupations in another targeted draw. To qualify for this draw, candidates needed to hold a valid job offer in British Columbia in a healthcare-related occupation. This category included professions such as nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals.


Uniform Cutoff Score

Across all these targeted draws, the cutoff score remained consistent at 60, providing equal opportunities for candidates in both Early Childhood Education and Healthcare-related occupations.


Summary of September 6 Draw

BC PNP Draw - Sept 6


Efficient Processing Times

For those eager to know about processing times, the BC PNP maintains an efficient system. Typically, both Skills Immigration and Post-nomination requests are processed within a span of 3 months. This streamlined process adds to the program’s appeal for potential immigrants.


Upcoming Draw: September 13-14, 2023

Looking ahead, the next BC PNP Draw is scheduled for September 13-14, 2023. This forthcoming draw is anticipated to target 35 tech occupations, 39 healthcare occupations, Early Childhood Educators, and other priority occupations (NOCs 31103 and 32104).

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