Canadian Tech Companies to hire Highly-Skilled Immigrants

Canada Tech Companies hire

The Fast growing Canadian tech companies are hiring the high skilled immigration to fill the jobs in Canada and bringing them to the country as per a report from Innovation Economy Council.

Barrie McKenna, author of Magnetic North: How Canada Holds Its Own in The Global Race for Innovation Talent notes: “Canada’s booming technology sector appears to be holding its own in the global race for talent, even after the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Canada’s Global Talent Stream (GTS), an immigration program invites skilled workers to Canada and gives them Canadian work permits and Canadian visa applications processed within two weeks. Since the start of the pandemic in Canada, the number of job postings in STEM fields, those in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, dropped by 50 per cent. The current situation is good for highly-skilled immigrants seeking work in Canada’s tech sector. During the pandemic, the Canadian economy had decreased about 270,750 jobs from February through to October.

The jobs initially lost during the lockdown have gradually returned by October as the sectors have grown slowly by the time. Last year, the Global Talent Stream became permanent part of the immigration system of Canada. The program was launched on June 12, 2017, with Quebec unveiling its version of the program on September 11, 2017. The GTS forms part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. A key element of the GTS is that registered employers need to commit to creating jobs for Canadians and transferring knowledge to Canadian workers, under a Labour Market Benefits Plan.

The Canadian tech companies hiring more employees and inviting immigrants is good news for Indian employees as Indian immigrants has been in the list of immigrants in last few years in Canada and they have better chance of fulfilling their career goals.

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