Cost of Portugal Golden visa

Portugal Golden Visa

Do you have to choose the Golden Visa if you ask? As a holder of a Portugal Golden visa, do you have access to a favourable tax structure known as the Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) regime, which frees you from all income tax obligations? Those who inquire about business immigration visas should be informed that they allow for visa-free admission into Portugal as well as travel throughout Europe and the Schengen Zone.


You can also obtain a Portugal D7 visa, which allows you to live there permanently. You may apply for this visa if you are a pensioner, a retired foreign national, or another overseas person who makes their living from movable property, real estate, intellectual property, or financial investments with a recognised stable income.


If you are a pensioner or senior citizen with a source of independent income who is eligible to apply for a residence permit in Portugal and live there regardless of your age, this type of business immigration visa may be a great option for you. Additionally, you will have the option to remain and work in Portugal while maintaining residency in another countries.


Through the golden visa Portugal programme, even your nearest relatives and dearest friends can obtain permanent residency in Portugal. There is a minimum time requirement for staying in Portugal when compared to other residency or citizenship processes.


You must be at least 18 years old to even be eligible for this visa. Invest €280,000, which is similar to INR 2.6 Crore, in real estate in Portugal with the potential to generate at least 10 permanent jobs. In addition, you should consider making a capital transfer, which requires a minimum investment of €250,000, or INR 2.2 Crore. If the Portugal D7 visa won’t work for you, are you interested in the Portugal Golden visa? You can get assistance from Winny Immigration Services in selecting wisely. We will walk you through each step of the immigration and investment process.

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