Registration of H1-B visa for the fiscal year 2022 to begin In March 2021

H1-B visas
  • February 10, 2021

Foreign professionals with specialized skills and knowledge, who are willing to contribute their adroitness in the US based companies, are offered the H1-B visa. These companies seek such foreign professionals foreseeing the specialized skills that they are not able to find in US based workers.

The validity of H1-B visa has been limited to 3 years which can be extended to 6 years in case of eligible applications. Post completion of this validity, the foreign professional must reapply in order to own the visa status for further years.

The laws of US limit the number of H1-B visas that get issued each year. If you are looking forward to be an eligible holder of this H1-B visa, here is an update from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  After such an adverse global pandemic, we bring to something that your ears would love to hear. Seeking good and positive years coming ahead, registration for the H1- B visa for the fiscal year 2022 have been stated to begin from March 01, 2021. While a federal agency announces, that the successful applicants listed through a computerized draw will be notified by March 31, 2021.

Further USCIS clarifies that the initial registration period of the visa for fiscal year 2022 will commence at noon Eastern on March 09, and will run through noon March 25. The applicants selected to through the draw will be able to join their employment in the US from October 01 (beginning of the American fiscal year).

An insight over the visa issuance allowed by the Congress states that, USCIS can issue maximum 65,000 H1-B visas in one year. It is also allowed to issue 20,000 more visas which will be handed over to foreign students who have completed their higher studies in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) from a US university.

The USCIS focuses over ensuring the highly skilled foreign workers to be benefited from this H1-B visa, temporary employment, trying to provide them with better future prospects.

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