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PGP -family sponsorship program.
  • February 15, 2021

Canada has been known for its warm welcome for all the international aspirants seeking PR in the country. Anyone, above 18 years, who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, can sponsor certain family members to become permanent resident of Canada under the family sponsorship program. However, the 2020 global pandemic create a terrible constrain over international travelling which caused a prominent decrease in the number of immigrants who could travel to Canada under the family sponsorship.

Countries like India (on the first position) and China (on the second position), are considered to be the foremost source of new permanent residents to Canada. Moreover, family sponsorship being the fastest and easiest path way for foreign nationals seeking a PR in Canada, 19.3% of 91,310 Indians were recorded as new comers who travelled to Canada under the family sponsorship program in 2019. Whereas, in 2020, when the world was hit by covid-19, India still continued to hold the peak position during the first six months of the year with 4,140 Indians having moved to Canada under the family sponsorship program. Statistics state that, among the 25,590 new permanent residents who moved to Canada under the family sponsorship program before the global pandemic, 20.6% were from India while over 34.9% were recorded to be from China. Check out the top 10 important sources of new permanent residents moving to Canada under the family sponsorship program in the first half of 2020.

Moving ahead you can go through the details regarding your eligibility to sponsor your loved ones and your financial responsibilities for them.


Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • You need to sign an agreement with the family member whom you are sponsoring, stating that you will provide financial support for the member.

Person moving to Canada as a PR under this agreement is expected to commit to make every possible effort to support him or herself.

  • Provide financial support at least for the defined tenure after the family member attains the permanent resident status.

If you are being sponsored to move to Canada under the family sponsorship program, you should be related to the sponsor as one of the following:

  • Spouse – (restrictions apply)
  • Common-law partner – (restrictions apply)
  • Conjugal partner – (restrictions apply)
  • Dependent children
  • Parents – (additional conditions apply)
  • Grandparents – (additional conditions apply)
  • Brothers or sisters, nephews or nieces, granddaughters or grandsons who are orphaned, under 18 years of age and not married or in a common-law relationship
  • Another relative of any age or relationship but only under specific conditions
  • Accompanying relatives of the above (for example, spouse, partner and dependent children)

Moreover, this program offers work opportunities to the spouses and partners while their sponsored immigration application is being processed. While benefitting from this opportunity, the spouse or the partner must possess a valid temporary status as a visitor, student or worker. In addition, the spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner is provided the privilege to agree upon an undertaking to reimburse the federal or provincial governments from the date in which they become a permanent resident for the period of three years. While in case of a child, younger the 19 years, the responsibility of support commences from the day, he or she becomes a PR of Canada for next years or till the child turns 25 years old. Furthermore, considering parents and grandparents, they can be benefitted for an extended period of 20 years from the day they attain a PR status in Canada.

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