Ontario Issues 1,117 Invitations to Apply for PR

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  • October 31, 2023

On October 30, 2023, the OINP conducted its latest draw, issuing a total of 1,117 invitations for individuals to apply for permanent residency (PR). In this round, 1,051 invitations were specifically targeted towards profiles created under the Masters Graduate Stream, with an Expression of Interest (EOI) score of 43 and above. Additionally, 66 invitations were extended under the PhD Graduate Stream, welcoming all EOI profiles with a score of 42 or higher.

The eligibility window for consideration in this draw included EOI profiles created between November 22, 2022, and October 30, 2023. This draw follows previous ones, with a similar EOI OINP draw on September 19 and an OINP Express Entry draw on September 26.

Invited candidates now have a 14-day window to submit their application, providing supporting information aligning with their Expression of Interest profile, to secure permanent residency in Ontario.

For prospective international students seeking PR in Canada, enrolling in a Masters degree program at one of the eligible universities is highlighted as a strategic alternative to navigating LMIA requirements or payroll responsibilities. This approach not only enhances academic achievements for future career prospects but also grants the right to remain in Canada as students, significantly improving the chances of attaining permanent status.

Given the absence of a job offer requirement for the OINP Masters Graduate Stream, the advice emphasizes investing in the development of one’s career profile over purchasing employment offers, LMIs, or payrolls.

A Snapshot of OINP Expression of Interest Draws in 2023:

  • Total Invitations for PR: 12,954
  • Foreign Worker Stream Invitations: 4,032
  • Masters Graduate Stream Invitations: Approximately 4,683

This draw showcases the OINP’s ongoing efforts to attract and welcome skilled individuals to contribute to the province’s growth and development.

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