Interview questions: What are the Typical Interview Questions?

interview questions

In last week’s blog, we discussed how to prepare for interview and how to present ourselves in interview along with the general instructions that we are required to keep in mind. This week, we are going to discuss about some typical questions that you might be asked in interview. We usually know some stereotype questions that people are being asked in interview, the answers to which can be different each time. So let’s see what those questions are.


Typical Interview Questions and how to answer them:

  1. Tell me about yourself ?

This is the first most and basic question asked. Usually you can tell everything from professional life to your personal details like family, born and brought up and nature. But it is not advisable to declare too much personal information. Don’t go too hasty and ramble about yourself. Prepare one to two minutes of brief introduction.

As a start, you may summarize your resume and add few things like your skills, relevant hobbies and personality traits to make it sound natural. Do not highlight your flaws while introducing yourself.


  1. What do you know about the company ?

Whenever you are going to interview, always do enough research about the company. Not because you have to answer the question, but because learning about the organization beforehand is always beneficial. As for this question, you should start with establishment history in brief, main product/service and range of the products/services, size, income, reputation, image, people, skills and philosophy/values of the company.

You may also conclude with how you would like to be part of this organization.


  1. Why do you want to work for/with us?

In the answer to this question, do not start with what you want from the job. You should talk about what company needs and how you can contribute to those needs. Also, you can mention some project that you would like to work on or how you can participate in that project to make certain contribution. Once you mention how you will contribute, you can later on state what benefits you will get as an employee. Like certain experience, learning new skills, development as a personality and so on.


  1. What could you do for us? What can you do for us that someone else can’t do?

When you are asked this question, you have to support your answer with examples/proof. You can state your skills and past experience and how you used them in solving problem or performing your duties in past with the previous employer(s). Mention about your extraordinary skills that you possess and how they will be useful to fulfil your duties mentioned in the job description for the post you being interviewed for at that moment.


  1. What do you find most attractive/least attractive about the job offered?

If you are asked about attractive factor, you should list three or more of them and if you are asked about unattractive factors, just mention one or two along with how you can deal with it.

If you are asked to mention both, follow this pattern starting with attractive factor and then unpleasant one along with how you can solve them or handle them. Always end this answer on positive note.


  1. Why should we hire you?

In response to “Why should we hire you?”, “Because you are hiring!” is not acceptable answer at all. This is one of the most asked questions in interviews. You will have to be well prepared for this answer as they are trying to assess you on how you can present yourself and what are you willing to do for your job.

You can mention your knowledge, experience and skills, and how you will utilize them to perform your duties and how you will be an asset to organization. Always make sure that you present yourself well, but do not make false promises that you cannot fulfil practically.


  1. What do you look for in a job?

When you answer this question, be rational but ensure that you do not sound too selfish while presenting it. You can state it like this: “I have always been looking for a job that provides me opportunity to utilize my skills to perform my duties and be recognized. I am expecting this job will allow me to fulfil my professional goals.”


  1. Please give me your definition of a *the position for which you are being interviewed*.

You can always google to learn the basic duty or role for the designation you have applied for as a part of preparation. Prepare a brief, one or two sentence answer and give definition related to actions and results.


  1. How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our company?

Do not mention a long period of time. You should say, “Only a brief period of adjustment until I learn about the culture of the organization and blend in the environment.” But make sure that you do not set any unrealistic goals while answering this question. You should sound practical.


  1. How long would you stay with us?

Employers are looking for the trustworthy employers for their organization. Hence, you have to answer that way. Show the employer that you are a promising candidate and willing to stay in the country and in the organization for long time and build a career with them. Be confident and you can also mention your future plan to support your answer.


The questions mentioned above are typical questions that are usually asked yet they are not the only questions that may be asked. These questions can be answered in more than one way. So you should be well-prepared and you can do the mock round before you present yourself in interview.

Next week, we will discuss the Personality-Based Interview Questions that are usually asked in interview and how you can answer them effectively.

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